The amazing Kerry Washington in some of her movies:

  • Save The Last Dance (2001)
  • The Human Stain (2003)
  • She Hate Me (2004)
  • Ray (2004)
  • Little Man (2006)
  • The Last King Of Scotland (2006)
  • The Dead Girl (2006)
  • I Think I Love My Wife (2007)
  • Lakeview Terrace (2008)
  • Django Unchained (2012)
Omggg, i need link for that performance!!!! Pleaseeeee!
To the people asking about learning the Greek myths, Rick Riordan brought out a guide in colloquial English called 'Percy Jackson's Greek Gods'. It's an easy-reading alternative to the heavier texts available which might suit some people more. :)


while percy jackson is fun and stuff, i really wouldn’t recommend it for someone who wants to learn about greek mythology indepth? like it’s fun and a good way to introduce kids and young people to myth but i wouldn’t recommend it to someone wanting to learn about actual greek mythology any more than i would recommend disney’s hercules (i wouldn’t, is what i’m saying). also it’s a bit misleading to talk about it like it’s an academic text or a 100% accurate guide!

if you DO want an accurate easy reading text though, i have heard edith hamilton’s mythology is quite good, though i haven’t read it 




When I saw this article from takepart  about Black &SexyTv I got really excited, because their show are the TRUTH! And I wish some of them would make it on tv. These show are everything B.E.T needs.

Black and Sexy TV was founded by four filmmakers—Numa Perrier, Dennis Dortch, Jeanine Daniels, and Brian Ali-Harding—in 2011 and takes its name from Dortch’s 2008 feature, A Good Day to Be Black and Sexy, which showed at the Sundance Film Festival. Though the channel began with just one program, it has grown to include six: The Couple, Hello Cupid, That Guy, Roomieloverfriends, The Number, andYellow. The series are each distinct but are grounded by a through line of authentic black experience, especially regarding love and sex.

Here’s a list of show from YouTube not all from Black&SexyTv you should check out when you got time. 

The Misadventure of Awkward Black Girl

The Couple

Hello Cupid

That Guy


 The Number


Lenox Avenue 

Dear Future Wife


Love Handles

Black Boots

Close Friends

Truth Unspoken

Brothers With No Game

Milk &Honey

The Unwritten Rules

If you know any black YouTube series that I don’t did list do not hesitate to comment or message us the name. If you have a Youtube show send in a video.


So many good shows

Do you know where I can find the instrumental of Drunk In Love that Bey plays in live performances, right before she starts to sing? Thank you :)


This one is the best I’ve found




Rih & Jen dancing at Noella’s baby shower


me w/ friends ;)




I was gone get me some Hairfinity but all I see on fb are celebs endorsing it. That’s a turn off for me so I’m just gone roll with some more biotin.

Nah biotin make hair grow EVERYWHERE!!!!

Them hairy ppl problems…. that doesn’t happen to me


#ICYMI: New Azealia Banks’ music video for ‘Heavy Metal and Reflective’. 

Desert scenes, dirt bikes, and the fiery self-proclaimed “best bitch in the rap game”. 

Here for it ALL.